How To Invest in HYIPs

Despite many warnings that get-rich-quick schemes are dangerous, some investors continue to invest in HYIPs and other schemes. It is against this backdrop that I have decided to write this guideline on how to invest in HYIPs and not lose money.​

However, this is not an endorsement of HYIPs and other get rich quick schemes. On the contrary, I discourage people from participating in many scams online.

If you are one of many investors who participate in Ponzi schemes, know that you are not really investing, but just gambling away your money into the hands of scam artists who administer these schemes.​

1) Do not invest in High Yielding Investments With Extremely High Returns.

Avoid high yielding investments which guarantee crazy returns such as 10% profit per hour, or 1000% profit per week. These types of hyips are total scams and do not pay any investor even a single cent.

However, it does not mean you should invest in too low a growth HYIPs. Go for HYIPs in which you can recover your seed money in 3 to 6 weeks time.

HYIPs with daily or weekly pay-outs are preferable. Avoid HYIPs in which you are required to wait for weeks or months before receiving payment.

Invest a small amount across a number HYIPs rather than investing one big amount of money in a single HYIP.

Recover your seed money as soon as possible, do not let greed and desperation control you.

2) Invest Through Most Trusted HYIP Monitors.

Invest through HYIP monitors that accept feedback from their down-liners.

Quite a few HYIP monitors expect their downliners to get paid consistently, otherwise they change their monitor status to problem or scam.

Once you have identified an HYIP, do internet research first before investing. Check if there no people complaining about not getting paid.

Do not invest in an HYIP which is more than 2 to 3 months in business no matter how much it is hyped.

Once you hear everybody on the internet and social media raving about a program, then it is probably too late to join it. If you’re not an investor yet, then stay away from it.

3) Research Through Most Trusted HYIP Review Websites.

Picking out well established HYIPs is not an easy task. Tens of new HYIPs are released every day. Only a few become well-established HYIPs.

Therefore, it makes sense to use reliable and most trusted HYIP review websites which have a track record of selecting the most promising HYIPs.

There are several websites which review and recommend the most promising HYIPs. Only research HYIPs from these sites and invest in them if they meet requirements stated in section 1 and 2 above.

4) Do Not Test Programs.

Do not test programs. Pick a program, do your research and make a decision whether to invest or not. Testing does not work because by definition get rich quick schemes have a short life span.

Firstly, testing squanders valuable time which you could have used generate profit during the short life span of a program.

Secondly, most programs will pay out when you test with a small amount of money, but will scam you when you invest with a bigger amount.

Rather than test, conduct research or seek feedback from reliable sources of information.

5) Remember Greed Kills.

With a HIYPs, invest small amounts across a number of HYIPs.

Time based pyramid schemes and revshares require a substantial investment amount for meaningful return. But it should be money you can afford to lose. Do not take all your savings or borrow $10 000 from a bank just to invest in get-rich-quick schemes. Greed kills.

6) Conclusion.

I am going to repeat myself again. I am against investing in get rich quick schemes because they have financially ruined many people and their families. They are likely to do the same to you if you invest all your money in these schemes operated by professional scam artists.

However, in the end, it is your money and I do not have a right to tell you what not to do with it.

By following the exact steps outlined in the blog post you can a generate reasonable profit safely over a period of time with minimal risk to your capital.

Finally, if you have been in the HYIP industry for a long time, please share with our readers in the comment section below how you invest in HYIPs and not lose money.


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